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We develop custom software to extract insights from publicly available data exclusively for you.

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How It Works?

Insights Radar is a combination of web scraping technologies, AI, data science, and natural language processing techniques that help businesses gain insights from publicly available data about industry trends, competitor activities, and consumer preferences to get a competitive advantage.


What questions you want to answer

Are you interested in competitor activities or sales volumes? What drives consumers to purchase? What are their pain points? What else do you want to know?


We’ll collect data, transform and analyze it

We help identify suitable data sources and employ best practices to aggregate the necessary data and transform it in a way that enables you to obtain the answers you need.


We’ll visualize the data according to your preferences

How would you like to view the data? It could be through dashboards with real-time updates, reports delivered at any frequency, or integration with your existing business software.


Insight Radar
Main Features

Adjustable SLA

Data Deduplication

API Integration

Log Monitoring for Incident Response

Data Normalization

Scraper Management System

Anytype Export Format

Scheduling Data Sync (any frequency)

Custom ETL

AI Data Enrichment

Anti-Scraping Techniques

Types of Updates (full or partial)

Questions We Can
Help You

How much do competitors sell?

We can track competitors’ stock levels to roughly estimate their sales volumes.

What are the product's strengths?

We’ll help you discover the decision-driven factors of your customers, their pain points, and what they like most about your products or services based on the analysis of their reviews.

How can we prove that we're Top-1?

We can aggregate reviews of your customers for your products and the products of your competitors. And conduct a detailed analysis, starting from counting the number of five-star reviews and ending with sentiment analysis of the reviews themselves.

Which products should I add to my lineup?

We can analyze your competitors and understand what their customers buy the most. We can also draw conclusions based on publicly available reviews.

How can I find unauthorized sellers?

We’ll help monitor marketplaces and compile a list of everyone selling your products, so you can identify unauthorized sellers.

What positions do I hold in marketplaces?

We’ll help ensure that your products are visible to your customers. In addition, we can provide comprehensive analytics of your Digital Shelves.

Am I overpaying for Google Ads?

Using a proprietary approach and based on your marketing strategy, we’ll help you receive triggers on when to turn on or off ads in specific locations for certain keywords.

How to understand at what average price I can sell my car fleet?

We can monitor the most popular car platforms in your region and analyze the average selling prices of cars from your list.

What special offers and discounts do my competitors offer?

We can monitor the websites and stores of your competitors in real-time so that you receive information about their special offers and discounts in real-time and can adjust your offerings.


Why Choose Us?

For businesses where data is not just an input but a cornerstone of their strategy, owning the data collection and processing tools offers unparalleled advantages. It’s not just about cost savings; it’s about positioning the business for growth, innovation, and competitive advantage in a data-driven world. By choosing to invest in a custom web scraping solution, you’re not just acquiring data; you’re securing a foundational element of your business’s future success.

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We have been developing custom data platforms since 2009 and are among the top 5 companies in the industry.

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Tailored Solutions

We specialize in developing custom solutions that do not exist on the market.

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World Class Support

World-class support and maintenance from the very team that developed your software.

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