Gaining insights from consumer reviews to win new markets

Learn how GroupBWT helped the client gain insights about prospects and improve sales.

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The Client Story

Our client is a leading pharmaceutical company known for a wide variety of medical drugs and components and plays a major role in the healthcare industry. With a strong commitment to improving consumer health, they implemented a new strategy based on understanding patient feedback and experiences and analyzing consumer reviews to gain new markets.

Industry: Pharma
Cooperation: Since 2023
Location: Europe

Сonsumer reviews provide valuable insights into pain points and reasons for brand preference.

The software aggregates reviews from major stores like Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS for in-depth brand analysis.


How to gain insights from consumer voice?

Consumer reviews are a great source of insights. They enable an understanding of pain points and drivers for why consumers use a particular brand. Segmenting consumers can help in determining a more accurate target audience. It’s possible to gather information about likes and dislikes related to the brand, pain points that need improvement, and the language consumers use when discussing the brand.

The client aimed to enter new markets and start working with new brands. Therefore, the data retrieved from reviews could become a key factor in tailoring their pitch to specific prospects and offering improvements that their consumers would definitely appreciate.

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The Solution

Turning reviews into an informative deck

We developed a platform capable of rapidly collecting reviews for analyzing the desired brand, extracting insights about customer perceptions, likes, and dislikes.

Scrapers were created to aggregate reviews from specific stores, such as Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. For a comprehensive overview, the platform also scrapes and retrieves sentiments from various thematic articles, publications, and comments on sources like Reddit.

The platform transforms the insights obtained from the collected reviews into a deck with informative graphs, charts, and statistics. The client uses this output in their presentations to pitch services to prospective brands.

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We turn reviews into powerful presentations. Our platform collects data from places like Amazon and Reddit, creating easy-to-understand decks with graphs. It helps our clients impress and connect with new brands.

Alex Yudin
Web Scraping Team Lead
The Results

Personalized approach based on consumer voice

The software we developed for a client aggregates reviews and comments from various sources. These reviews are analyzed and categorized into specific topics and pain points, providing valuable insights for our client to tailor a personalized approach to each prospect based on online consumer voice. The software is easily scalable and can assist in analyzing any new brand the client wishes to approach in the future.

Since implementing the software, won opportunities increased by 15% in the first quarter, significantly reducing the hours previously spent on manual research.

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