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About GroupBWT 


Our Story

Founded in 2009 by passionate data enthusiasts, our company was born out of a desire to create an enjoyable work environment while pursuing our love for data.

As the volume of data grew exponentially, we recognized that its true value often lay beneath the surface. Thus, we set out to build a company that could transform this wealth of data into actionable insights, driving progress in the world and helping other businesses thrive.

We firmly believe that every business is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Making informed decisions requires reliable data, which is why we are committed to offering customized software solutions that empower businesses to collect, organize, and analyze data effectively, gaining deeper insights into their operational landscape.

We take pride in our reputation as one of the top 5 data scraping companies globally.

We’re on a mission to help understand this world better and increase the number of right decisions based on data.

GroupBWT in Numbers

Top 5

Ranked in the Top 5 web scraping companies worldwide


Years of industry experience


Successful projects

Fortune 500

Fortune 500 clients served

$10 - 100 bln

Working with clients having


Client revenue growth

Our Leaders

Eugene Yushenko
Oleg Boyko
Igor Grigoryan
Managing Director
Viktor Zhuchkov
Borys Mikusevych
Head of Delivery 
Aleksandra Kozarik
Head of Design
Alex Yudin
Head of Scraping
Dmitriy Naumenko
Head of Engineering
Olesia Holovko

Our Locations


United Kingdom



Altadena, California, US

+1 323 455 4615


Zaporizhzhia, UA

+380 66 663 7204
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