Travel company optimized their Google Ads expenses

Learn how GroupBWT helped effectively reduce their client's Google Ads costs using advanced web scraping strategies.

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The Client Story

Our client, a key player in the travel rental industry, has a substantial footprint, operating across multiple countries since its establishment in 2015. Known for their extensive offerings and customer-centric services, they are widely recognized and synonymous with seamless rental experiences.
The client invested n ten digital advertising budgets annually for Google and was looking to improve how this budget is spent.

Industry: Travel
Cooperation: Since 2023
Location: USA

Being able to outbid your competitors on Google Search in real time is key to acquiring more clients in the competitive travel booking industry.

A software that monitors Google Search results 24/7 and alerts when the ad needs to be turned on or off.


Goal: Consistently be the top-ranked on Google

Being first in Google’s organic search results isn’t always sufficient, as a competitor’s ad could appear above yours, attracting potential customers to them instead. To counter this, you should activate your Google Ads and outbid your competitor to maintain the top position. However, if your competitor stops using your keywords in their ads, it’s wise to deactivate your paid advertising to save on costs.

Managing hundreds of keywords across numerous countries and cities can be complex. In such cases, web scraping is essential for effective data handling.

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The Solution

How can you prevent competitors from stealing your brand's traffic with their ads?

Navigating Google Ads can be tricky due to their display being affected by various elements, such as the user’s location, browser preferences, and IP address. Furthermore, Google Ads’ auction-based system demands consistent and thorough monitoring. Regularly reviewing ad performance is crucial to understand and adapt to bidding changes, helping maintain your ads’ effectiveness and reach.

The client was provided with an automated monitoring system that operates 24/7, keeping an eye on their Google search rankings and active advertisements. If there’s a drop from the first position, the system quickly notifies and suggests necessary steps to reclaim the top spot.

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It was super important to build a pool of IP addresses in each location of interest. We wanted to ensure that the scrapers closely mimic the same environment a real user would experience.

Alex Yudin
Web Scraping Team Lead
The Results

24/7 Google Rank Tracking System for Automated Ad Management

The goal was to develop software that collects data and provides feedback to a support team, enabling them to continually improve the system by analyzing the results. The software consists of:

  • Proxy Management
  • Core System
  • UI for software & alerts management

We integrated dozens of different proxy providers to ensure we obtain an IP address in the exact location where the ad is running. The idea was to have a pool of IP addresses for quick replacement in case an IP address loses quality or doesn’t correspond to the required location.

The core system comprises scrapers that run searches 24/7 using the same keywords and locations as the client’s paid Google Ads.

The UI is used to review analytics, identify deviations, analyze proxy quality, and configure alerts to respond to the appearance or disappearance of competitor ads.

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