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Learn how GroupBWT helped a client empower businesses by implementing online identity verification to redefine safety and security in the digital age.

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The Client Story

The client’s company was founded in Australia in 2017. With the involvement of one of the co-owners, more than 20 hotels have been built and operated between Cairns, Hobart, and Fiji.

The client also has extensive experience in agriculture and aquaculture in South America, as well as he participated in the development a large regional satellite base for an Internet provider and have been leading companies developing IT solutions for banking and security for the past five years.

Industry: Security sector
Cooperation: Since 2018
Location: Australia

Platform aimed to benefit law enforcement, government, companies, enhancing security and safety

Currently, the database holds 400M records, including 60M US criminal cases


The world's first social platform management tool, transforming Online Identity Verification

Working in the banking and security sector led the client to the idea of the creation of the world’s first social platform management tool for tracking and managing a person’s online presence.

The platform is a powerful “Social Platform Management™” tool that allows users to control and manage their online profiles and verify the true identity of others they interact with. It was launched in the US market in March 2020.

Since the client owned a gas station, the presence of cameras at the gas station led to the testing of the first ideas for verifying people. This laid the foundation for a database of individuals, including criminals. Over time, the police departments started approaching to the client to verify certain criminals, to track their whereabouts or identify those involved in illegal activities captured on surveillance cameras.

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The Solution

Advanced Identity Verification Platform for law enforcement, businesses, and Internet users

The decision was made to develop a platform that would be beneficial for the police and the government to reduce crime levels in the country, for large companies and organizations to enhance business security and safety, and for internet users who wanted to identify themselves or their surroundings.
The product platform was a tool that allowed the identification of a person based on several criteria:

  • Criminal records
  • Mentions on the Internet and in the media
  • Last known address
  • Phone number, and more.

To use the platform, the user uploaded a photo or video of the person, entered their date of birth, address, or phone number into the system, selected the correct option from the several found, and received a report via email.
To implement the project, a number of scrapers were developed to collect information about people from open sources. Emphasis was placed on images from Google and social media, as well as data from US criminal websites. Scrapers were developed for websites such as Google, Facebook, Mugshots, Jailbase, and others.

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In the process of development our team faced challenges with massive data volumes and anti-scraping measures, requiring efficient image analysis and real-time updates. All security and data storage requirements have been taken into account in accordance with US legislation.

Alex Yudin
Web Scraping Team Lead

Currently, the database contains about 400 million records, including approximately 60 million criminal cases in the USA. User-uploaded images were analyzed through the platform’s database, and in the presence of matches, they were verified for gender, age, and other criteria through the Cognitec system (a facial recognition service). Image analysis is performed by determining the distance between the eyes. The obtained data was then sent for further analysis and the collection of additional information to generate reports and send them to users.

The time it takes to search for a person based on a photo in this database is up to 1 minute. Search for matches based on parameters such as name and location takes about 10 seconds.

After attending a cybersecurity conference in the USA in the fall of 2022 and presenting the platform, other companies became interested and approached with offers to perform verification not only on uploaded photos and videos but also on videos from surveillance cameras. This became a new milestone in the development of the company’s products.

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The Results

Evolving into a B2B Web App with Historical and Real-Time Search

The platform has transformed into a B2B web application consisting of several products:

  1. Historical Search – searching for a person captured on a surveillance camera on a specific date and time.
  2. Real-Time Search – searching for a person captured on a surveillance camera in real-time.

With the participation of camera providers connected to the platform, users can search for specific individuals within a defined time period in the past or in real-time. This will enhance public safety, aid in capturing criminals, assist in finding missing individuals, and be utilized by companies to simplify their video surveillance processes.

To ensure future scalability of the system, all computational processes are located on the user’s hardware using a dedicated NUC for this purpose. This approach ensures that all computations are independent and not influenced by external factors. The platform will also implement a support system to assist users with any questions related to the platform.

The Proof of Concept presentation in June 2023 has attracted interest from other camera providers and has laid the foundation for developing a product concept for marketing in major retail chains.

It is worth noting that in the development of all company products, all security and data storage requirements have been taken into account in accordance with US legislation.

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