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Quality Web Scraping and Data Scraping Services

Easily get any external website data, and turn it into meaningful insights for smart decision-making and actionable strategies

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What we Excel in

Custom web scraping

For companies of all sizes from startups to enterprises, we deliver tailor-made solutions according to specific needs. Get the qualitative data feeds for your business, on a one-time basis or in a form of a data pipeline.

Monitoring and maintenance of all data delivered

We take care of the whole process from architecting the scraper, maintaining the data pipeline, to verifying the quality of data and its further segmentation.

Robotic Process Automation

We set and adjust our algorithms for the goals set by you, and fully automated web scraping process. Robotic Process Automation elevates scraped data processing tasks which make them a powerful combination of common business process automation.

Business Intelligence

Not only we can get you the data, but organize, visualize it on the interactive dashboards, and look for meaningful patterns.

Data Aggregation

The data-aggregation feature of our custom built web-crawlers helps clients get data from multiple sources in a single stream. This feature can be used by different sorts of companies, ranging from news aggregators to job boards.

Data Segmentation and Personalization

We execute clustering, segmentation, and structuring based on the given parameters for more efficient use in marketing and operations.

Data Enrichment

We can enhance and improve the data you possess with third-party information to get a full profile of your potential customers and append missing entities for your CRM.

On Demand Solutions

We don’t limit ourselves to specific industries or use cases, and are open to discuss any idea you may have.


How it Works

1. Request / inquiry

Tell us about the type of web data you are looking for.

2. Building a solution

We build an algorithm for scraping the data you require and adjust it.

3. Sample data

We provide you with the sample data to make sure the requirements are met, and you receive what you need.

4. Scale the Process

We scale up the process at ease according to your business demands.

5. Delivery

We deliver you the final set with in the most suitable formats.

Web Scraping
application by business type

Your company can start benefiting from web scraping services already today. Pick your niche and learn how we can help you derive valuable up-to-date insights of any type from a smart data.

  • Fintech
  • eCommerce
  • Social Media
  • Real Estate
  • Sales Leads
  • Travel
  • Job Market
  • Research
  • Legal
  • Docs Analysis


Leverage your advisory or trading work with clean stock market and financial data. We collect accurate data for stock price prediction, stock market sentiment analysis, financial news and equity research.

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Empower your eCommerce business with product aggregation, pricing and customers review data. Monitor prices, availability and positioning of your and competitors products through professional web scraping.

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Social Media

Real Estate and Housing Data

Retrieve individual property data like real estate listings, cost and sell prices, realtors and brokers info by location to leverage your presence on the market.

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Real Estate

Sales leads generation

Build qualitative contact data lists, generate leads, and get prospects for your business growth using our web scraping services.

Application image Application image
Sales leads

Travel and Tourism

Get hotel reviews, room availability, and airline tickets prices by scraping various hospitality resources and hotel aggregators.

Application image Application image

Job Market and Recruitment

Get up-to-date data on job listings, candidate sourcing, salary levels, market insights or competitive intelligence leads to better human resources decisions.

Application image Application image
Job Market

Research data

Get into research papers and databases to obtain relevant scientific information for your research models and hypotheses. That will save your time and resources by eliminating the experiment phase.

Application image Application image

Document analysis

Extract various data points from unstructured files of different formats, such as PDF, Word, etc. and transform it.

Application image Application image
Docs analysis

Why Companies
Choose Us?

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Trusted experts

We have an extensive 10+ years experience in executing complex Web scraping services, and through this journey we have acquired best practices in the industry.

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Quality Assurance Methodology

The quality of data we deliver is paramount for us, so we pay the highest attention to the web data scraping infrastructure. We give our clients data quality and coverage guarantees.

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24/7 Online Support

Providing free live chat or video conference consultations to ensure the best customer service in the industry.

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Data Center

Providing our powerful servers to our clients at no additional cost, ensuring the fastest data delivery.

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Multi facet expertise

We are experts in the related fields within AI. ML, Data Science, and Data Visualization, and can be a one-stop shop for your project

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We will scale the right solution to meet the parameters of the business process and make all necessary adjustments on the go.

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Get real-time data from any website: content, images, prices, stocks and product availability

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