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Find your followers. See who has mentioned your product on social media, demographics, geographic location, other interests. Build a strong community for your product by scraping the data of Social Media.
We can track your competitors’ marketing campaigns in a variety of social media and determine the success or failure of what they have implemented. The more data we collect for you, the more informed decisions you can make, all leading to a better result.
Before you will make a very important decision related to the launching of new campaigns or products let us scrape the trends and tendencies for you. Knowing that data will secure you from fails.
Develop insights of your business based on what people think, what they say about certain posts and the number of shares received. Detect how people react to news, gossip, tweets and other important events of your business.
Here are only some of the data types we have worked with: Shares; Mentions; Likes; Impressions; Hashtag usage; URL clicks; New followers. Nowadays there are many of social media platforms with useful information that’s waiting for you.
Collect the historical data to create the base for your analysis. Match data from multiple Social Media sources and from competitors’ sources to identify spheres of increasing productivity and maximize output in a balanced manner.

The Most Popular Data Sources:

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How It Work

How It Work

How does It Work?

Tell us what data you need and let us take care of the rest
Our managers will help you understand what data you need by asking leading questions and creating a detailed description of the project. It is important for us to get the depth of your purpose to deliver exactly what your business needs.
We create the scraper with all the aspects you have mentioned
During the development process, you’ll have an opportunity to follow all the insights of our work. You will see the time we spend creating the software, get immediate feedback and change any part of the scope if needed.
Delivery of high-quality data by the schedule that you have chosen
Being a leading web scraping company for years, we follow the best industry practices to ensure the quality of the solutions we deliver. According to the schedule you have set we provide the information in the exact format you need.

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