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Robotic Process Automation


Looking for the automation of everyday tasks carried out by people in any business, but you don’t know what to do? The Robotic Process Automatization was created to solve this problem. We have a lot of experience in creating RPA for various cases hence we know we can help you.

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Use cases of Robotic Process Automation

The most common problem of any small business are expenses for payroll costs. In the 21st century - the age of technology, every day with more power low-cost works tend to be replaced by automation. The most popular is the “administrative” sphere of automatization that does not directly generate revenue for the business (Back office operations, admins, data entry clerks, etc.) Just make a decision: what do you want to replace and we will take care of the rest. Get RPA and in one week you will be able to reap the benefits of lower payroll costs.
Adding your product to each channel and store and then keep it updated seems to be a quite complicated task. However, we can handle that. We are not going to tell you that eCommerce is the future - if you are here you already know it. Attempts to do this manually are prone to errors, and if you don't do it regularly, it's very difficult to stay competitive in today's hypercompetitive retail environment. Acquire our RPA and we will automate these activities (even partially) for you. You will see a significant improvement in sales and a decrease in error rates.
With our PRA you may automate the following features: Monitoring Vacancy Rates (NVR) - representing the tipping point for a market’s rental growth. RPA is the best tool to get a comprehensive survey and establish market vacancy rates. Estimating Rental Yields (ERY) - data that shows property owners an estate that will bring them a high return on their investments. ERY helps investors to prevent blind decision making. Give your business the RPA that will take care of all these activities. Save your priceless time on actually growing your business.
Google Adwords isn’t the only ads service anymore that performs across the various mediums and channels. Numberless hours are spent adding and tracking multi-channel business processes - Advertising and Marketing. Logging into each application every hour and gathering reports, downloading, copying, pasting, consolidating - all these can be silmplified by RPA. Not doing this is not an option in our online world, let us help you.
The responsibilities of the HR staff are on the rise, so they might really benefit from digital assistance. Imagine even a small reduction in that effort by automation translates that to cost savings. It is all possible today. Here are only a few use cases of RPA in HR: Resume screening and candidate shortlisting; Offer letter administration; Onboarding new hires; Travel and expense management; Employee data management; Attendance tracking; Compliance and many others.
Updating product data from multiple online marketplaces (Invoices, Payments, Banks Logins, PayPal, SaaS accounting packages) is a difficult task, but that provides your business with insights that are crucial when evaluating company’s fundamentals and stock performance. Pasting, searching, clicking through multiple systems daily to keep the numbers in sync is a full time job for thousands of accounting professionals all over the world. All these processes are ripe for RPA.

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How It Work

How It Work

How does It Work?

Tell us what data you need and let us take care of the rest
Our managers will help you understand what data you need by asking leading questions and creating a detailed description of the project. It is important for us to get the depth of your purpose to deliver exactly what your business needs.
We create the scraper with all the aspects you have mentioned
During the development process, you’ll have an opportunity to follow all the insights of our work. You will see the time we spend creating the software, get immediate feedback and change any part of the scope if needed.
Delivery of high-quality data by the schedule that you have chosen
Being a leading web scraping company for years, we follow the best industry practices to ensure the quality of the solutions we deliver. According to the schedule you have set we provide the information in the exact format you need.

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