ERP System

for a healthcare organization

This project explains how our team helped a medium-sized mental health provider develop a custom-built ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software for a healthcare organization.


Change Within Reach (further CWR or Client) is a medium-sized Mental Health Organization located in Southern California, United States. CWR hired our team to help optimize business workflows. The main goal was to implement a central system integrated with various tools and solutions for better management of the company locations, clinical staff, and all other aspects of the business.

One important requirement was to implement such a system without changing any of the existing solutions utilized. First of all, because the company has been in business for a while and had close to one hundred employees working out of multiple locations, and retraining everyone while transitioning to an expensive ERP System for Healthcare would be costly and difficult. Besides, some of the systems they use are required under a contract by insurance companies that refer patients to CWR. Therefore custom-built integration is unavoidable in either case.

GroupBWT offered multiple free consultations, and that’s when we learned that CWR’s Board of Directors wanted to expand operations soon, but one of the major problems they had to address prior to expansion was the lack of a well-integrated system that can be used to manage all aspects of the business so that scalability of the enterprise can be achieved without the considerable overhead cost. Therefore, the decision was made to hire our BI (Business Intelligence) consultants to analyze the entire organization, it’s current workflows and all systems involved. Further, we offered solutions and estimates of cost reduction as well as investment amount needed to develop the ERP software streamline, optimize and automate many of the existing processes.

Services Provided

Business Analysis

UX/ui design

Software Development


24/7 Support

ERP System


January 2017

Business Analysis

  • Gathering Requirements
  • Studying Company Processes
March 2017

Creating a
statement of work

  • Mockup Development
  • UX/UI Design
July 2017

Alpha version

  • Launching system for the head office
  • Staff Training
February 2018

in all offices

  • Staff Training and Webinars
  • 24/7 support, monthly meetings


The main challenge we had to keep in mind during the entire development process, is that we were working with the active practice, that has its clients, its systems in place and its workflow that could have not been corrupted at any circumstances.

Seamless Integration.

The practice has already had its own processes running successfully for a while. The new system should have been integrated without interrupting the workflow. To make that happen, we have paid maximum attention to staff training.


No built-in integration options.

Claims management system (Office Ally) doesn’t provide any integration options (API). We had to develop the integration system capable of controlling Office Ally interface.

All-in-one solution.

The practice had already been using several management tools, that have been solving different tasks. Our goal was to develop a system that would combine them all and automate crucial processes.


  • Messaging system for doctors
  • Availability management for the doctors
  • Paperless workflow
  • Automated salary calculation for staff
  • Ios app for patient information forms
  • Appointment reminder
  • Control over the progress notes submission
  • Reauthorization reminder
  • Control over the copay collection
  • Statistics and Graphs
  • Progress Note Templates
  • HIPPA compliance trainings

Automated progress notes saved doctors up to 40% of time on forms submission.


Intelligent system of doctors availability monitoring increased the client flow by 30%

The main dashboard allows managing and controlling the crucial business metrics from a single place.


Due to many industry-specific regulations, our team had to guarantee the highest level of data integrity, accountability, and reliability of the system. Privacy laws (HIPAA & PCI Regulations) required a signed BA (Business Associate Agreement) that had to be prepared by our attorney and executed correctly under the law in the United States. Further, training on HIPAA compliance followed by certification for all team members working on this project had to be completed before accessing any PHI (Personal Health Information)













Since this is an active practice, we provide 24/7 top-priority technical support for the system users, who are mostly the
doctors working for CWR. Besides that, we continue developing new features and updating the existing ones for the practice sake.

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