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Why proper coding works better than SEO

It often happens that our customers are asking us for help in case they don’t receive much attention from search engines. In some cases they are doing it after consulting SEO specialists who fail to give more or less clear perspective on final result. We always prefer science to magic and we completely understand customer’s desire to pay for predictable results of work. During our 7 years history in website coding we have successfully reached desired results in attracting visitors from search engines on those projects that we developed by proper coding only and without using any SEO techniques. Moreover, no SEO guru will be able to reach more or less significant result on a website that was poorly coded. Technical aspects of such successful results are easy to explain. For instance, clear urls and proper site structure are crucial for making your website friendly for search engine crawlers. When built properly, website structure allows search engines index all pages quickly and easily to deliver content to target audience. Even long and complicated urls can be built friendly towards search engines. Redirects, subdomains, pagination must be implemented correctly in order to make your site attractive and easy to use for visitors and clear for search engine spiders.

Another important aspect is page load speed. Neither site visitors nor search engine spiders like waiting for a long time. Moreover, the number of people surfing from mobile devices grows dramatically every year so making webpage lightweight and fast becomes a priority. By no means, this task falls under webpage developer’s responsibility. This is a matter of clean coding, proper usage of CSS and correct webpage structure, not SEO.

It is important to build urls structure correctly, which again is a question of coding, not SEO. Following best practices in building urls will help you avoid all issues that might prevent your site from indexing by search engines. Use domains and subdomains correctly, make urls short and easy to read, make them contain relevant keywords that are present on the webpage that belongs to this url and you don’t need any extra magic.

Your only task except for finding a good web developer is to provide relevant content for website and update it regularly. And believe our 7 years experience in web development, this is enough to bring you a lot of traffic fron search engines. You don’t need to spend any extra budget on search engine optimization in case your site is built properly and you give users quality content they are looking for. We, on our side, will be happy to fulfil the first of these two tasks for you. We quarantee the highest quality of code and usage of the best development practices.