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Quest program

During all these years of our work together we’ve been welcoming talented and motivated graduates, and we are proud that some of them have already become experienced engineers. In cooperation with higher education institutions of our city we provide a smooth transition from university studies to real working environment for graduates willing to make a career in IT industry. We appreciate their will and motivation and we understand how crucial real experience is. Even the most hardworking and talented students need some time to jump into a real work in a real team. They need to get familiar with workflow, with project management tools, with quality requirements and team work rules; they need to learn how to apply their knowledge and they need to learn a lot to become valuable team members. To provide easy and smooth start of working career we have started a special program for graduates, the Quest. This is 3-month program, which provides an easy jump-in for young engineers who have no experience. They work in our office as team members, fulfil tasks that are designed to imitate real projects as much as possible and they abide by all those requirements that real projects have. Those learners who have good and excellent results get award and, after finishing the program successfully, continue working as full-time team members.