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Outsourcing to Ukraine: Company vs Freelancer

People looking for outsourcing development of their project, no matter if they are outsourcing to Ukraine or oursourcing to any other country in Eastern Europe, often make a challenging selection between outsourcing to a company or outsourcing to a freelancer. With almost 7 years experience in outsourcing, we have some considerations that you might find helpful. What are cons and pros of outsorcing web development to a company, rather than a freelancer?

The first idea that obviously comes to mind is that outsourcing to a freelancer will be more cost effective. Freelancer is working from home, he does not pay office rent, he does accounting himself or does not do it at all, he does not need to pay for server and he does not need a reliable bandwidth 24 hrs a day… In short, freelancee does not have a lot of those expenses that an outsourcing company has. But does this really mean saving cost for you? No way.
Things happen and things often happen suddenly. What does freelancer do when he feels bad? In best case scenario, he writes you a message with apologies and you have nothing to do other than prey for him. What do we do when something like this happens? We have another guy/guys who can jump in and pick up urgent tasks smoothly – since we use version control and project management system where we keep all logs of projects at work, it will take min time to get over. The same for vacation. We always know it an advance, plan time with all possible convenience to all involved parties and with min possible delay on projects at work.

Freelancers are likely to get a fulltime job, this always happens sooner or later. If we got a dollar for everytime when someone comes and says ‘Hey, someone has started my project but he cannot finish because of his fulltime job so…’ we would code just for pleasure, no other earnings would be needed. In our case, you are our fulltime job. We’ve been here for 7,5 years and we are not going anywhere. We have two channels from differnt ISPs and we are sure that no force majeure will affect our work. Only planned maintenance, which you most probably won’t notice. With all respect to freelance developers, hardly any of them cares to have some more or less fast internet connection, let alone emergency channel.

This is not a secret that jack of all trades in web development means a person who knows nothing. Technological progress is so fast these days that it is not possible to work full-time, learn and jump into all new solutions, let alone different areas of web development, like design, or server administration or testing. Skilled QA engineer won’t draw you a good logo and designer won’t be able to set up your AWS server for you. So if you need full package, if you want to develop a project from scratch and you are looking to outsource development and you want it to be done right, you will need to spend time and effort on finding a right person. If you are not much technical yourself, what is the chance of making successful selection? We let everyone do his own job and become perfect in what he does. You tell us what you need and we give you the right person for what you need to be done, with the highest quality and at the shortest possible time. No HR headache for you, we give you the best match because this is our concern, this is our reputation and our earnings. We want more work and new projects and we want to come back, ideally with friends 😉

So when you are thinking on outsourcing Ukraine or any other country, welcome to outsource your project to our team, with us you get advantages and no headache!