GroupBWT Wins a New Review on Clutch!

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GroupBWT Wins a New Review on Clutch!

Finding a development firm to build your solution can often be a tedious process. Beyond the culture fit, you have to consider a number of factors, including what your project goals are, which technologies you want to use, and how your product might scale in the future.

But with so many vendors on the market, how do you know if a company is right for you?

At GroupBWT, we’re committed to providing high-quality services to both small and large clients around the world. We draw from a talented pool of experienced developers, which allows us to adapt to any project size. Our goal is to create technical solutions that help businesses succeed by minimizing expenses and maximizing profits.

But why not let our clients speak for themselves?

We’ve recently earned another rave review on Clutch. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that ranks companies across various industries, including big data companies in Ukraine like us.

For our latest review, we collaborated with a hospitality assessment platform called Veview. We developed the minimum viable product (MVP) of their mobile app, handling the both the wireframing and final delivery. The solution lets users create and watch video reviews of products, restaurants, hotels, and more.

The MVP launched in the App Store and Google Play for beta testing and proved to be error-free! Our client was ecstatic about our efforts, writing:

“They were quickly able to find options to achieve my requirements. They understood that my success was their success.” – Founder, Veview

We worked on another project with Haystack News, a prediction and aggregation service provider. They hired us to build their website from the ground up, making sure that we were mindful of all of the interconnected parts.

Our developers architected the site so that it was SEO-friendly for search engine crawlers before integrating several Google services, AI components, and Amazon Comprehend.

Haystack News’ team trusted us enough to give us full control of the project, and we took that to heart. At times, we pushed beyond the project requirements to ensure that the final result matched our client’s needs.

“They turnaround small projects quickly while working toward a larger goal.” – Founder, Haystack News

Having strong client feedback is just as important to us as honing our development skills. In fact, our clients have helped feature us on Clutch’s sister sites, too. The Manifest connects clients and buyers on a range of custom development projects, and you can check out our visual works on Visual Objects, a creative portfolio platform.

If you’re looking for a development house for your next project — whether it’s a simple platform or a modern blockchain app — be sure to contact us to discuss your options. We’re sure to have the right resources to help you achieve your success.

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