Make the data talk for you business sake

Offering business intelligence services based on the data analysis, processing and visualization to improve your organizational operations and financial status with a help of informative dashboards customized for your business needs.



  • 1

    Dashboard Development

    Custom admin panels and management systems of any size and complexity developed with the use of the latest technologies.

  • 2

    Data Analysis & Visualization

    Have your data sets analyzed by the team of professional data scientists, and visualized into charts, tables, graphs and reports.

  • 3

    Business Intelligence

    Workflow optimization and processes automation based on thorough analysis of your business goals and needs.

  • 4

    Big Data Processing

    Capable of processing petabytes of structured and unstructured data in the shortest terms providing own powerful servers.


Intelligence in practice


Build custom recommendation technology that would perfectly suit the needs of your customers.


Create accurate forecasting models to predict the marketplace behaviour and prepare your business accordingly.

Advanced Text Analytics

Use natural language processing to extract the essence, detect sentiments and categorize the texts.

Document Analysis

Automatically extract core values from the documents both structured and unstructured within the shortest periods of time.

Conversational Agents

Create conversational agents and chatbots to improve the client experience and communication models.


Convert text into lifelike speech and your applications talk.

Data Processing


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Help your application to understand and manage the human language.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Add intelligence to your system easily.

Machine Learning (ML)

Create, train and integrate the analytic model that will learn from data.

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Based on the client’s project-specific requirements, we offer 3 major engagement models:

Fixed Price

This model works for anyone on a fixed budget having exact requirements of the project.

Hourly Price

The Hourly pricing model is favored when the scope is not clear and changing.

Dedicated Team

Our Dedicated Team pricing model is for clients seeking to hire a team for long-term projects.



Driving Business Growth in the Cybersecurity Industry

Driving Business Growth in the Cybersecurity Industry

In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, our client, a leading global company with an impressive user base of 435 million monthly active users, is dedicated to protecting individuals
and small businesses from online threats.
With over 30+ years of proud innovation, they strive to create
a better digital world for everyone, blocking 1.5bn cyber- attacks every month.

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