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Product Aggregation & Price Monitoring

Monitor prices, availability and positioning of both yours and your competitor’s products through web scraping.

Document Analysis

Extract various data points from unstructured files of different formats, such as PDF, Word, etc and transform it the way you like.

Sales Leads

Build qualitative contact data list, generate leads and get prospects for your business growth using our data scraping services.

Social Media

Get benefit of the social media market by scraping various social networks, analyzing sentiments and getting contacts of influencers.

Travel, Airline and Hotel

Get hotel reviews, rooms availability and airline tickets prices by scraping various hospitality resources and hotel aggregators.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate every aspect of your business from repetitive data entry to complex business logic management such as billing, appointments etc.

Any data. Any size. Anywhere.

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Tracker And Traffic Redirector

Tracker And Traffic Redirector

High-load easily scalable traffic management system, capable of processing hundreds of millions requests per day, effectively distinguishing bots and humans requests.

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Data Mining & Enrichment – GroupBWT

Knowing the right information gives plenty of opportunities for businesses. They can develop effective strategies, run great advertising campaigns, and achieve other goals. If you need to find specific information or make the data you have comprehensive, you should opt for data mining and enrichment services. Keep reading this article to find out more.

When Should You Opt for Data Mining and Enrichment Services?

First of all, you should get a clear idea of what data enrichment and mining are. In simple words, data mining allows extracting useful info from larger raw data. It is based on the data analysis with one or more pieces of software.

As for the enrichment of data, it is all about adding valuable information to the existing database. This allows achieving more accurate results and making better decisions. If you believe that you do not have the right database or it is incomplete, you can order the services of GroupBWT, which will gladly help you.

Why Order Data Mining and Enrichment Services from GroupBWT?

GroupBWT offers a range of various services related to the improvement of databases, including:

  • scraping
  • extraction
  • processing
  • visualization

All you need is to contact our experts, and they will consult you.

There are four main reasons to hire our specialists:

  • many years of experience
  • powerful servers for quick data delivery
  • around-the-clock customer support
  • no advanced payments

Whether you need the data enrichment service or other types of help to improve the information you have, you can rely on our experts.

How Data Mining and Enrichment Services Work?

First of all, you need to contact our specialists and tell them what you have and what you need. Then, our experts will determine how the goal can be achieved. You will be provided with detailed information on terms, prices, and other important matters related to your order. Methods and tools that will be used for your project implementation depend on the task. You can be sure that our specialists will choose the best possible solutions in terms of price, speed, and effectiveness.


What is data enrichment?

It is a notion that means making your database complete. You may already have some data, but it may be not enough for comprehensive analysis and generating predictions. Therefore, you should add more information, particularly, through ordering data enrichment services.

What is data cleansing and enrichment?

If you have a database, you want to make sure that it is updated. Data cleansing is related to determining whether your data is still valid. After clearing outdated data, you can opt for enriching your information, which means finding and adding missing data.

What is the strategic value of data mining?

Accurate and comprehensive data allows businesses not only to quickly react to changes in customer behavior but also predict it, which gives amazing opportunities. Therefore, opting for a data mining service has a strategic value for businesses.

What is a data enrichment example?

Data enrichment allows for getting a comprehensive database to work with. For instance, you only have the name of a client. Thanks to data enrichment services, you will also get information of other types, such as an address, contact details, or the date of birth.

What are the goals of data mining?

Data mining service providers allow converting raw information into valuable insights. This is how businesses can explore their clients to create effective marketing strategies. The expected effect is a greater profit received thanks to larger sales and reduced costs.