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Yii is an open source component-based PHP framework best for developing both web applications and APIs. Hassle-free, easily scalable and well documented, Yii is a perfect choice for any sized project.
We are the experts in Yii development. We started working with it when Yii was at early stages of its popularity, since version 1.This framework is ideal for fast implementation of backend interfaces backed up with the best security practices, including input validation, output filtering, SQL injection and Cross-site scripting prevention. In our team portfolio Yii is represented by a variety of projects, from simple listing directories to the system for medical practice management, which took more than 35K hours of work.

We definitely recommend Yii as a framework for your project, as it is flexible to help you use those features that you really need. The clean and scalable code, exhaustive documentation and numerous online communities make Yii the most popular thus one of the most reliable frameworks nowadays.

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Yii framework is the best fit for development of web applications of all sizes, from the simplest dashboards to the huge dynamic management systems. Hire our Yii developers if you want to achieve the most profitable results.


We can seamlessly take your business to a whole new level by improving your platform performance and functionality through optimizing your existing YII project code or adding new features to ensure your successful performance on a competitive market.


If you have an existing Yii project and look for someone who can take it over for whatever reason, we’re here for you. It is very easy to edit and customize the YII based applications, since it has a very simple code structure, thus hussle-free transition process is guaranteed.


Yii framework is a perfect solution for building the API that can be integrated with any system, especially if you’re looking for a cross-platform application. Our team is highly experienced in development of REST API in Yii.


Yii provides effective methods for painless migration from one database to another, ensuring no data loss. Additionally, it is designed carefully so that Yii can work well with third-party codes, making all external integrations as simple as possible.


Using Yii on a regular basis, we have the need to share our code with other developers. Thus we create self-contained well-documented extensions that should reduce the time and effort of the other developers who face the difficulties we have successfully solved.

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Based on the client’s project-specific requirements, we offer 3 major engagement models:

Fixed Price

This model works for anyone on a fixed budget having exact requirements of the project.

Hourly Price

The Hourly pricing model is favored when the scope is not clear and changing.

Dedicated Team

Our Dedicated Team pricing model is for clients seeking to hire a team for long-term projects.



Driving Business Growth in the Cybersecurity Industry

Driving Business Growth in the Cybersecurity Industry

In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, our client, a leading global company with an impressive user base of 435 million monthly active users, is dedicated to protecting individuals
and small businesses from online threats.
With over 30+ years of proud innovation, they strive to create
a better digital world for everyone, blocking 1.5bn cyber- attacks every month.

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Web Scraping at Scale for Market Insights in the Automotive Industry

Web Scraping at Scale for Market Insights in the Automotive Industry

Our client is multinational automotive manufacturing company and the world’s largest automaker by worldwide sales in 2020 with more than 10 million vehicles sold worldwide.
The client produces a wide range of vehicles, including cars, vans, and trucks, under various brands and has a global presence, with operations in more than 150 countries and production facilities in more than 20 countries.

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Yii Development – GroupBWT

Are you looking for a reliable Yii development company? GroupBWT is at your disposal. We offer professional and affordable Yii development services. Find out more information about Yii and our company from this article.

Basic Information on Yii Development

Yii is a framework based on the PHP language. It is a great choice for both web app and API development. Yii is suitable for completing projects of any size. The name of this framework means “simple and revolutionary,” and it is really so.

Why GroupBWT Is a Great Yii Framework Development Company

It is possible to find a Yii programmer on the Internet, but it is more effective to work with a business that strives to build an excellent reputation and provides excellent support. GroupBWT has a team of specialists capable of completing any application based on Yii.

Here are the reasons to deal with our Yii framework development company in numbers:

  • more than 30 projects completed
  • more than 3,000 hours spent on development

If you are not sure what exactly you need, we will provide you with helpful recommendations.

How to Order Yii Framework Development from GroupBWT?

If you need to hire one Yii developer or Yii web development team, you can do this in three simple steps:

  1. Schedule the meeting.
  2. Describe your project.
  3. Chat with our manager.

You do not have to come to our office, and you can even stay in any other country because our Yii web development company will organize effective communication with you over the Internet. You just need to contact us and schedule a teleconference at a time convenient for you. This is when you will explain what you need, and we will provide you with all information related to your project, including terms, costs, and more.

In conclusion

If you have little or no experience in building apps, you will not be able to determine whether you need Yii framework development services. The best way to go is to reach our specialists and tell them what you need. Maybe, you will be recommended to opt for Yii2 development or some other framework. Anyway, if it is the Yii framework used by our experts to create a web app, you can count on getting a high-quality product.


How does Yii framework work?

It utilizes the so-called “Gii” tool, which allows writing code aptly. Using it, a Yii framework developer can quickly and easily create modules, extensions, and more.

Who created Yii framework?

The very first version of Yii was released in December 2008. The release was announced in October 2006 by Qiang. This was done on the PRADO forums. Qiang Xue was the one to release the first version of the PRADO framework.

Is Yii framework good?

It is the fastest framework based on PHP. It allows creating secure, fast, and high-performance applications. Therefore, Yii application development is getting more and more popular. Generally, yes, it can be called a good framework.

Why Yii is the best framework?

There are lots of advantages of this framework. It is great for rapid app development. It uses the DRY coding rule, which allows writing codebases with good structures. This framework has plenty of built-in widgets, which make the development process a breeze.

How to set the Yii framework in XAMPP?

XAMPP is software built by Apache Friends. It is used for testing purposes before you upload clients/sites to a remote server. The setting process depends on various factors, such as the operating system you use. This work should be done by experienced developers with enough knowledge of the Yii framework and XAMPP.