WeChat Integration

Integrated WeChat social network into the web platform and developed several inner applications to improve user experience and system usability.



WeChat is the largest voice and text messenger in China. One of the projects developed by our team required WeChat integration, namely user authentication, development of inner WeChat applications and communication with WeChat API.


– Documentation. It is barely possible, if not impossible at all to find WeChat documentation on the Internet. Moreover, the existing pieces of information are in Chinese, thus we had to rely on our experience to understand the core functionality details, such as setting up accounts, finding keys etc.

– Implementation complexity. To be able to open the application within WeChat it should be formatted and optimized accordingly. To post a link to it within WeChat channel, it needs to be registered with a special API.

– WeChat restrictions. On the pages developed for this messenger, we used WeChat JS API for various purposes. For example, voice recording. Once the recording is finished, the record is stored on WeChat servers and remains available for 3 more days. The client wanted to store such records as long as he needs, thus we had to use WeChat API to copy records on our servers.


developers worked on the project


months to complete


lines of code



Using our experience and being most attentive to all the details, we have successfully developed an API for WeChat authorization and inner WeChat web applications capable of reading articles, holding translation contests, quizzes and recording voice messages.

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