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Product Aggregation & Price Monitoring


Our full web scraping services extract data of your business environment including product prices, availability, and positioning. Acquire the power to have a finger on the pulse of the entire market.

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Use cases of Product Aggregation & Price Monitoring

Receive the alerts of any market changes
We’ll provide you with the most relevant data and keep you in touch with any price changes & MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) violations. Getting relevant data gives you the ability to react immediately to every tiny market changes. This feature enables you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.
Make it impossible for your competitors to surpass you
Who owns the most actual data drives the market. In the age of information, timely data is the first clue of all successful businesses. We are ready to help you become one of them by scraping the most reliable, accurate and timely data. Reach the top listed companies and stick there forever.
Create the most powerful product strategy
Because of the fast-changing business environment, it might be difficult to build a competitive product strategy. Scraping the data of your competitors’ most popular products helps your business to build a successful product strategy. Get over your competitors in two steps.
Get the real picture of your price & product strategy
Open competitor’s insights with scraped data: all trends, tendencies and future product launches. Compering your and your competitor’s product ratings and stock levels will let you see what you missing and build the strategy based on where you stand.
Secure your business prosperity
Planing to launch a new product or change pricing strategy? Forecasting is an important marketing activity for evaluating the expected performance of alternative plans. The product & price web scraped data is the only possible way to provide your business with this powerful feature.
Get sorted feedback data to see a better service solutions
This data can help you to improve insights concerning your business and maximize revenue, improve customer service and growth opportunities. Getting feedback to your community is still relevant for almost every business. Let them know that you care about what they say.
Save your time & money - work only with the target customer
Are you looking for a target customer for your business? Great! because we are able to scrape that data for you. Describe us your perfect customer and we will turn the Internet upside down to find them for you. After all, the only customer that matters is the one who gives you a profit.
Give your customer what they really want
Whenever you need a market trend analysis web scraped data seems to be the best solution. We will scrape every inch of the market niche to improve and enhance the productivity and accuracy of your research methods
Show the best sides of your business
If you are new at the market you are likely to have a necessity of additional investment attraction. Prove to new stakeholders that your startup worth to be considered - get all the details to build a competitive analysis.

The Most Popular Data Sources:


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How It Work

How It Work

How does It Work?

Tell us what data you need and let us take care of the rest
Our managers will help you understand what data you need by asking leading questions and creating a detailed description of the project. It is important for us to get the depth of your purpose to deliver exactly what your business needs.
We create the scraper with all the aspects you have mentioned
During the development process, you’ll have an opportunity to follow all the insights of our work. You will see the time we spend creating the software, get immediate feedback and change any part of the scope if needed.
Delivery of high-quality data by the schedule that you have chosen
Being a leading web scraping company for years, we follow the best industry practices to ensure the quality of the solutions we deliver. According to the schedule you have set we provide the information in the exact format you need.

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