HIPAA-compliant platform that can be integrated with any healthcare management system, ensuring seemless transition of paper documents to electronic records.



The sharp problem that many clinics have recently faced is a need to replace the entire paper document repository with electronic health records. Many clinics were outsourcing developers for that purpose, but not every team is capable of doing this job, specifically considering the fact that the developed systems have to be HIPAA compliant, which can become a pretty complex task for those who are not into the medicine or don’t have sufficient experience with E-Health.

The client, who is a president of one of Beverly-Hills Density, was requiring a solution that ensures painless transition done in the shortest terms. This is how TeqOffice system was born.


1) The main goal was to create the system that can ensure paper to electronic records transition as fast as possible. Having a team of professional developers and communicating with several people running private clinics in the US, we’ve managed to build such a system that can do a transition of any size basically overnight.

2) All of us are men of habits, thus if you get used to something, it can be hard to learn how to do it differently. In our specific case, the doctors got used to writing the documents, progress notes, and reports by hand and, at first, just didn’t feel comfortable enough doing all that on computers. Trying to facilitate this for them, we’ve developed a module that allows scanning the paper document to display it on the tablet screen for further filling with the stylus.

3) Not only the doctors required some useful features. To save patients time, we’ve developed a system of the web forms that the patient can submit being at home and only sign before an actual appointment. The main purpose of it is to avoid spending extra time on writing to be able to focus on the main thing – health.

4) HIPAA Compliance – the crucial factor that the system can’t function without. All the information and the documentation had to be stored and transmitted securely in the encrypted format.

5) Security and integrity of the workflow are highly important. Thus, we’ve gone even further and implemented a module that would lock the computer screen once it understands that the doctor has moved away from it.


developers worked on the project






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The HIPAA-compliant platform that can be integrated with any medical practice management system, such as Dentrix, Orthotrack and so on.

A unified document management system, that provides an instant access to all relevant records – web forms, emails, faxes, SMS, clinic notes and, at the same time, allows managing appointments (scheduling, reminders, notifications etc).

As a result, TeqOffice is being successfully used by several middle-size medical practices of the US nowadays.

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