Appointment Reminder

Automated appointment reminder solution intended for optimizing your practice management workflow and keep in touch with the clients in a timely manner.



Working with several medical practices, we have noticed that those who run that sort of a business face certain issues following up the patients. Having a secretary is definitely a benefit, but a simple human mistake cannot be ruled out, thus having some sort of a backup system would be a plus for sure.

When the treatment includes 10 sessions day by day, it’s not a problem to communicate with the patient making sure he comes next time. What if you have to remind a patient to come to visit you in half a year for a dental cleaning? What if you have tens of such patients that need to be reminded of an appointment after different periods of time? You would want to be sure that you’ve got your back covered in any means.

So, the idea was to create an automated appointment reminder system that would cover the most popular communication channels: SMS, phone and emails.


Although the main goal was to effectively cover the main channels of communication (SMS, phone and emails), we also wanted to understand whether the client has received the reminder. In fact, it’s a crucial factor for successful medicine business, as if the patient can’t come at the scheduled time, the doctor could have scheduled an appointment with another patient instead, as a result – the clinic doesn’t lose money due to appointments canceled last second.

Basically, the module should have been able to provide a feedback in any means so that the doctor could ensure the patient comes for visit. Moreover, the client should have been able to select the most preferable communication channel, as someone feels more comfortable being contacted via emails, while someone wants to be called prior to appointment.

Another important feature we’ve implemented is a template manager. Since medicine covers various specialties, our goal was to ensure that the system knows which template to use for dental, psychiatry and so on.


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Communication channels:

  1. SMS – with the selected method patient receives an SMS reminder and can reply it to inform the clinic whether the appointment is still needed.
  2. Email – with the selected method patient receives an email reminder. The main challenge here was to make sure that the templates used for each medical specialty don’t look like SPAM, as obviously, we didn’t want to end up in the patient’s SPAM folder. We have followed the best mailing practices to ensure successful email delivery.
  3. Phone – with the selected method patient receives a phone call reminder done by a robot. As with SMS, we wanted to understand whether the patient had actually received the call, or should we try to contact him again. Thus, in the end, we encouraged them to either confirm or decline the upcoming appointment session



The stable and reliable solution that takes care of all the reminders in the most convenient way for the patient, using a template manager module to send the appropriate notifications depending on the medical specialty.

Reminders are sent prior to an appointment during specified timeframe until patient confirms or declines the service. This way the doctors are always aware of the upcoming sessions and can plan their workflow effectively.

The system provides readable logs that help humans understand which treatment stage the patient is on and if human involvement is needed.

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