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Quick help when your website has been hacked

When your website is hacked, it makes no fun. It’s a real headache, it’s really frustrating and it requires immediate action. Accorsing to statistics, any webpage has already suffered or would suffer from this problem at least once so it is important to know what to do when it happens. At first, how could you know this happened. The first, and the most obvious, your webpage is defaced or it redirects to some 3rd party site, which you have no relation to. Another big sign is when Google or Bing or your browser tells that your webpage has been compromised. If they don’t, it still does not mean you are 100% secure becayse hackers attempt to remain hidden to use your resource to send spam, steal data from you or do other unpleasant things.

We recommend a tool, which will quickly scan the site, reveal the threat and help to cure: Linux Malware Detect. We recommend it basing on our own experience, this tool helps a lot.

Apart of it, if your site is hosted on WordPress, we recommend to use Wordfence. We install Wordfence on all WordPress projects that we build. It helps to monitor website security and prevent hacker’s attacks. Even if this unpleasant issue happens, Wordfence will let you know and you will be able to take action immediately.